Phase 1 Restoration can help!

Mold Damage
Mold exists everywhere in our environment including indoors, but it’s only when these micro organisms exceed their normal amount that you really take notice. Mold spores germinate and multiply at rapid rates creating an infestation problem very quickly. If given acceptable growth conditions, one mold organism can multiply to more than one billion organisms in less than 24 hours. In order to minimize property damage and prevent microbial growth immediate remediation actions must be taken.

Mold Infestation
Mold in the home can be a serious health hazard prolonged exposure to mold can cause breathing problems and repeated respiratory infections. Symptoms of a mold infestation problem can include red and irritated eyes, sore throat with coughing, recurring headaches that get worse over time, lung and throat infections and a runny nose.

Mold Damage Remediation and Restoration
1. IICRC certified technicians carefully inspect, identify and test all affected areas.
2. A comprehensive plan of action and expected results is reviewed for your approval.
3. Set up containment areas and begin the air purification process.
4. Remove all contaminated materials.

5. Application of antimicrobial solution to inhibit mold growth in all affected areas.
6. Inspect and test to guarantee mold removal has been achieved.
7. Final consultation with results and recommendations is presented.